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What did we learn from the COVID-19 crisis?
That the right website can boost your business.

Today we invest a lot of money and effort to compete with thousands of other businesses for our customers’ attention. We try everything to succeed in making them click on our website as if it were the ultimate way to win them over. But that is not always true.

Very often prospective customers land on a website only to view it for a few seconds and never come back. We have a good guess why:

• Thirty-eight per cent of visitors will immediately stop engaging with a website if the content or layout are unattractive.
• Fifty-seven per cent will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website, and eighty-eight per cent will never come back to such a website.

How can you break this negative pattern?

You must be sure you have the website to support your efforts. A website that works for you, not against you!

We may be able to help. We build beautiful, efficient and strongly optimised websites. We call them Spartans. From strategy to full-blown implementation, we bring a top-notch digital web experience to small- and medium-sized companies and freelance professionals. We design and develop premium websites at an unmatched low price.

Scroll down to learn more about how we can build something that will produce dramatically better results for your business.

We can do a lot to help your online business

Customised website built on a powerful platform with high level copywriting.
Customised and Responsive design with perfect adaptation to smartphone screens and other devices.
Tech Builds and Integration to track, measure, connect and utilise your data.
Onsite SEO, titles, alt tags and clear code for better search engine ranking.

Why you should expect more from your website?

Is your website designed to be the first point of contact for your business? Does it provide a unique competitive advantage or attract customers and keep them coming back? If not, it is time to ACT. We have combined our professional experience with marketing science to create three types of websites that are proven to work. This is a chance for a fresh start for your online business.

Our websites:

  • Offer easy explanation through visuals and text
  • Are great at storytelling and educating
  • Are attractive and incredibly engaging
  • Can help to reduce the need for support calls
  • Will improve your Google rating
  • Can really convert customers

Don’t choose between spending a fortune and cutting corners.

Choose the type of website you need and request a quote.

The three key concepts of websites we offer:

Businesses may be different, but all of them have one thing in common. They need good marketing to grow. The biggest potential for growth is online. Big brands invest heavily in their internet presence, but smaller companies have plenty of options to compete in the webspace, too. The websites we build have everything you need to engage and convert customers. To make it easier for our customers to choose, we identified three types of key website concepts and called them Spartans because they are delightfully simple and fit to serve their purpose in the long-term. They offer a solid base for your creative ideas, key messages, and business targets. Each concept allows us to create amazing professional websites for any niche, industry, or profession. Our team of designers and developers will incorporate your instructions to make your webpage personalised, efficient, affordable, and modern-looking.

Guardian webpage

If you are about to conquer the Internet:

You don’t need an army. You need a Spartan – strong, good looking, optimised, smart and well equipped. This is our top-notch service for companies that are out to win.

Customised Website

  • Up to 10 pages
  • Contact page and About page
  • Custom design and visuals
  • Logo and Social media designs
  • Animations and Effects
  • Copywrite for web, PR and Social media
  • Plug-ins and add-ons, reservation modules
  • On-site optimisation
  • Google local optimisation
  • Fully responsive
See website sample

Explorer webpage

If your goal is efficiency:

All that you need to make a memorable introduction, advertise your business, make a very solid impression and grab everyone’s attention with a personalized design.

Customised Website

  • Three to seven pages
  • Contact page and About page
  • Blog section (optional)
  • Custom design and visuals
  • Copywrite content
  • Social media connected
  • On-site optimisation
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Fully responsive
See website sample

Pioneer homepage

If you’re looking for your first step into an internet presence:

Smart and attractive Landing Home Page with all the important sections, good info, attractive visualisations, social integration and many contact options.

Customised Website

  • All-in-one webpage
  • Attractive design
  • Multiple sections
  • Social media connected
  • Contact form
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Fully Responsive
See website sample
why choose us

Why you are going to love us:

We take things personally. We will closely collaborate with you through the entire process as we get to know you and your business well.

We consider web design to be one of the most critical factors for any successful website. Our websites are beautiful.

We focus on creating an individual web identity that will enhance your brand and boost your business online. Our websites are unique and fully customised.

We will help you to produce content that is perfectly aimed at your audience, meeting and exceeding their expectations. Our websites are smart.

Our customers love our service. Here is what they have to say:

  • Testimonial

    Your work is both imaginative and well detailed, you listened to our wants and needs and delivered with efficiency and thoughtfulness.

    Giles W. Personal Trainer, Owner of WingrowFit
  • Testimonial

    The design was innovative and beautiful. I was nicely surprised how easy you managed to structure the content and it looks classy, but innovative.

    Rayko B. Owner of BPS Ltd.
  • Testimonial

    We went from zero to a complete website for a surprisingly short period of time. We love the design and the content.

    Zornitza S. Logistic Specialist, Owner of BGMaxTrans
  • Testimonial

    I trust your professionalism and I believe you will do the best for me and my business. I am excited about the possibilities.

    Moni E. Jeweller, Owner of Chozen Gems
  • Testimonial

    I feel more motivated to continue working on my online brand every day. Thank you so much for all your assistance!

    Anna T. Artist, Owner of Annie Domini
  • Testimonial

    Second website with you in five years, it is sending a clear message. You know us and you are very efficient. It is easy to work with you.

    Chudomir H. Owner of NAIS Instruments for Dentistry



Making a website with us is an exciting and rewarding experience. We share our professional secrets and advise our customers on how to build their websites and online presence. We also offer a wide range of additional services to reinforce your website and turn it into the web machine you need.

You may consider booking a free consultation. You don’t have to order a website or even talk about it. Use it to discuss anything you want to know about your online marketing. Get some great insight, new inspiration, or review of the options for your latest projects.

It’s a 100% win.

Our work is supported by the best products of selected digital companies

Who can benefit from our offers?
five four

Make a bigger, better business with us!

The process in five simple steps :

  • Initial meeting to create a strategy
  • Preparation of mock-ups for review and approval
  • Development of the prototype
  • Proofreading and SEO
  • Create a responsive version

It’s super easy and you will enjoy it.

What you need to prepare before we start.

  • Choose business and domain names
  • Choose colours and designs
  • Prepare ‘About us’ text and description of the services/products
  • Take photos of your team and your business

Can’t do it? We can help you with that, too.

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