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Olga Belopitova Tribute Page

Customer: Olga Belopitova

What we did:

Strategy, Web Design, Branding, Copywriting

When we do a website for a classical artist such as Olga Belopitova, our aim is not just a simple display of their works, but a demonstration of deep respect and understanding of their value for society and the national culture. In this particular case, our goal was to illustrate the spirit of this influential female artist in Bulgarian fine art. To achieve this, we combined her art visuals with critical acclaim and descriptions that emphasise her artistic messages.
We combined the palette typical for her works with modern eclectic design to achieve this beautiful arrangement. It is modern and interactive, building a connection with the younger visitors, who will meet her art for the first time.

Colours & Typography

Olga Belopitova Tribute Page

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