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Pest Care Company Webpage and Shop

Customer: Pest Care

What we did:

Strategy, E-shop, Web Design, Branding, Copywriting, Reservation Module

Pest Care is a company- leader in Pest Control industry in BG and requested a website that will be cutting edge and includes all the essential functions like the online shop and reservations module where customers can book an appointment.
The design of the page is calm, pleasant and friendly. The colours are part of the new brand identity and are present in the new logo. The general impression of the website shows excellent respect and builds trust. A significant amount of Copywrite content was added to each section to make the website professional and informative. The final website is smart, intuitive and allows customers to interact with the company in many different ways.

Colours & Typography

Pest Care Company Webpage and Shop

How it looks on different devices.

Pest Care Company Webpage and Shop

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