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Let’s join forces to create your new beautiful, efficient and strongly optimised website. First and foremost we design for the people who will visit the website, for their needs, their wants and for the best way to encourage them to become loyal customers.

When we design, we think of your customers and their experience.

We have been building and modernising websites for different industries for over five years. We have met many companies tired of being ignored by customers online because it is so hard to please everyone. Is ‘online’ just another word for a business nightmare? No, it’s not. We are all customers, too. We browse online and have the same demands. We want quality. Nice content, attractive design, easy navigation, clear descriptions, fast and easy processes.

75% will judge the company’s credibility on its website design.

So you really need a good website for your business to work online. Website your customers will actually like.

One Website.

Your Business.
Your Customers.

From Evaluation to Execution:
Our WEBSITE Creation
Process in 10 STEPS


Step One: Understanding the Business to make a Website

Every project starts with a meeting with all involved stakeholders, where we discuss ideas, recent experiences, short-term and long-term business goals of the organisation. We collect everybody’s knowledge and understanding to build the right concept. You may want to use your website to retain existing customers, find new ones, to expand your business reach, to introduce and sell more product, or to educate and encourage engagement. We need to know your purpose to integrate it into the blueprint of the project.


Step Two: Research the Competitors' Websites

Benchmarking is essential during the concept phase of the project. We know there are other players in the industry, and we want to surpass the best. To achieve this, we will identify the industry leaders, collect information on the strategic context and content that defines the business. We will look for details and clues on how they present and build their identity, what images they use to show their products, how they describe themselves. When ready, we will highlight strengths and weaknesses, find leading elements of their appeal we want to adopt, change and amplify in our project.

Step Three: Define your Customers

Websites are made for people. Those who will visit and use the website. We put a lot of effort into understanding who they are and how they will interact with your website. It is a role-playing game where we draw a virtual portrait of each type of customer and predict their interactions. This is called creating ‘personas’. Is it a young professional who is searching for options from his mobile phone or it is a business owner, who is looking for a reliable long-term partner browsing from the office PC? What are their pain points and what solutions they expect to see? When we have all the answers, we combine this analysis with the goals you want to achieve and develop a strategy based on a ‘What, Who and How’ strategic approach.

Step Four: Map the Journey of each Customer

When we know your customers, we can imagine how they are going to behave when landing on your website. Are they landing on the Homepage? What do they see first and then next? We have between three and five seconds to convince them to stay. Are they scrolling down the page? Are they clicking the links to learn more? Is the menu well visible and convenient to lead them to the product pages? Is it easy to say hello if they have questions? We are looking at your website from the customer perspective, understanding their critical drives and forecasting their emotional reactions and expectation. We call this process ‘mapping the journey’, and it is essential for building a continuous and fulfilling experience that will lead to customer satisfaction.

Step Five: Identify the Style of the Website

It is the time to choose your colour palette, the typography, various forms and shapes, icons and components of the user interface. This is a moment we all love, as the website is finally starting to take shape and you can be really creative describing how you imagine the website could look. Usually, the final style combines elements from your vision, the professional expertise of our designers and the influence from the best in your industry.  This will be a pivotal moment when all our initial work will become a finished product. If you’re not so keen to be involved in this stage, we will use our knowledge and experience to come up with a proposal that fits your business in the best possible way.


Step Six: Create a Mock-up of the Website

Our designers will create a complete illustration of your website, starting from the Home page. It will contain every single detail, showing how the website will look, how it’s organised and where content will sit page by page. At this point, we will look for a lot of feedback from you, as we can discuss, add, remove and change everything before it goes into the next phase. Simultaneously, we will work on the content, preparing the final versions of the texts. A good website needs a significant amount of well-written text, following the general strategy of the website. Our copywriters will add all the critical elements to improve the search optimisation, too.

Step Seven: Build the Prototype

When every single element and page of the mock-up is approved, the Programmers will step in to build a live clickable prototype of the website. It will be fully functional so that we can explore and review every aspect of it in real-time. During the process, we will supervise the execution of the different elements and deal with all the ad hoc jobs that accompany every tech project. When the prototype is ready, we will use and abuse it to check its functionality, find the dysfunctional and weak spots and improve it. Here is where we can make essential adjustments and upgrades til we are all fully satisfied with the way the website looks and works.

Step Eight: Connect the Website to the World

When the prototype is ready and approved, we park the website at its domain and implement the onsite SEO. We use the best optimisation plugins, apply tags and check the consistency of the keywords in the text. With Guardian websites, we add Google localisation that helps business with their local searchability. Here we connect the website to social media, allowing customers to visit the company social pages and share info from the website in their own feeds. This is followed by all the analytical, advertising management tools, marketing platforms and everything else you need. If you don’t know much about it – don’t worry – we will help you to choose and understand more about it. By this stage, your website will become visible to the world and ready to perform.

Step Nine: Review and quality Check

But hold your horses. To guarantee the quality of our website before the official opening, we do an in-depth review of the code and the content to be 100% sure it is spotless. We go through a rigorous testing and long checklist and have to tick every single ‘yes’ before the website is officially ready to be the avant-garde online showpiece of your business.

Step Ten: Make it Responsive

Step Ten: Make it Responsive

Do you know that 85% of adults think that a company’s website, when viewed on a mobile device, should be as good or better than it’s desktop version? We have this covered! The final stage of the process is to create the responsive version of the website for perfect usability via any device your customers are likely to use. The process allows the website to look and function perfectly on every type of screen. It is an essential feature in the world where 60% of the traffic goes via mobile (and growing).

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Different Industries, Constant Quality

  • small manufacturers
    and retail businesses
  • Consultants, professionals
    and freelancers
  • non-profit organisations
    and public campaigners

Dental Manufacturer Website

Manufacturers and Retail Businesses

82% of customers conduct research online before making a purchase, and their judgement will affect your sales. We are here to give you a great first impression and showcase your products in services in the best possible way, highlighting your competitive advantages and emphasising your strengths. We will talk to your customers in their language, choosing content and a style that will reflect your brand. Whether you sell a physical product or a service, our promise is: with us, you can enjoy a premium website without breaking the bank.

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Consultant Professionals and Freelances

Dentists, coaches, fitness gurus – this one is for you. Your website must fit your personality like a glove. When designing a Professional website, we will aim to introduce an outstanding individuality, describe your specific superior knowledge and skills, flag out the value and illustrate how all this translates as a benefit for your customers. Each website is unique, creative and made to be noticed and remembered. Same as you.

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Personal Trainer Website

Social Project Website

Non Profit Organisations and Public Campaigners

We understand how vital it is to you to attract and keep people with good visuals and smart content. Once on your page, they will keep scrolling, and we will guide them through smart navigation to sign, register and message you. For you and your organisation, we will build a website that allows people to listen, read, and watch the stories behind your project, finding inspiration and becoming willing to participate and support.

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Let us help you equip your website with everything it needs to convert

Pick and add more options to your website to make it really work for you


Organise your website information

by adding new modules 

+ Add a reservation module

+ Add a gallery module

+ Start a blog

+ Most Popular/Most Relevant

+ Rating Plugins

+ Online Chat


Connect your website to social media

to get more engagement

+ Install social media plugin

+ Design custom banners and covers

+ Get high-class Copywrite content

+ Print and Presentations Design

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Upgrade your website

to make it work more efficient 

+ Improve hosting, add a domain

+ Add More Languages

+ Implement offline SEO

+ Add Company Video

+ Antispam Captcha

+ Landing Pages


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